Located in Silverthorne, CO, Columbine Hills Concrete is the areas largest Civil Contractor, specializing in the most diverse range of projects in the Rocky Mountain region.

Asphalt Services

Although the name says “Concrete”, CHC has grown into the area’s leading asphalt paver.

18 years ago, CHC began specializing in driveways, pathways, roadways and parking lots. When a small asphalt company decided to close its doors, CHC took the opportunity to become more diversified. Purchasing their trucks, allowed us to become one of the only blacktop contractors servicing the Summit County and surrounding areas.

As the market for our services grew, so did we. Today we have a significant paving operation with seasoned employees who have grown alongside the company. While continuing to grow and hone our craft, we have specialized in placing new cold weather asphalt called “warm mix”. This has lead us to award winning projects such as the Vail Pass Recreational Pathway Overlay in 2012. CAPA ( Colorado Asphalt Paving Association ) recognized CHC with the “Best Overall Quality-Special Use Pavement” award. There are few companies that place asphalt during the months that winter conditions exist.

So whether you need a new driveway, demolition and replacement, want to build state of the art pathways or are looking to pave federal and government roadways, CHC can facilitate your needs. Please use this contact link to get more information about our asphalt services and be sure to check out our gallery for pictures high-lighting our specialties.

  • New & Replacement Driveways (Residential & Commercial)
  • Infrared asphalt joints
  • Asphalt Patching
  • Recreational Pathways
  • Street work (paving, curbs, etc.)
  • Parking Lots
  • Airport Runways

Asphalt Maintenance

Over the years Columbine Hills Concrete has grown to be a Commercial asphalt maintenance company. We deal with industrial strength sealcoating and crack filling materials that are proven to work in our difficult environment. These materials adhere well and are flexible enough to move with the freeze thaw cycles in the Rocky Mountain region. Sealcoating will help to protect your asphalt from oxidation and UV damage. Crack filling prior to applying the sealcoat will help to rejuvenate existing asphalt.