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Main Street Revitalization

Client: Main Street Revitalization
Date: April 02, 2008

This project is located in historic downtown Breckenridge, Colorado. The Town’s intent for this project was to make enhancements to Main Street that would improve the downtown experience.

Enhancements consisted of:

  • Providing more hardscape walking areas for pedestrians
  • Removal and replacement of storm sewers
  • Removal and replacement of sidewalks, valley pans, and curbs and gutters
  • Making all of Main Street ADA compliant
  • Enlarging the corners of intersections to allow for pedestrian staging off the traveled road
  • Improving crosswalks at intersections to minimize crossing distance
  • Asphalt paving
  • Enhancing directional signs to public buildings
  • Installation of new electrical services
  • Improving landscaping


The Main Street Revitalization project was done in several phases from 2008-2024.
All construction was done in the spring during mud season.